OVERMEAT is a bright and optimistic vision of the future...

...a future where high tech solutions like Bio-Fabrication and Augmented Reality blend beautifully with natural materials and ancient knowledge. We already have the technology to provide for everyone, what we need to design now is the united willingness to use it.

Our current levels of meat consumption can not be sustained by this planet. The global green house gases produced by agricultural faming is more then all that is produced by our entire transport network. However, whilst it is hard to imagine our current way of life with out transporting people and things around, it is very possible to live a full and healthy lifestyle with a greatly reduced quantity of meat.

Many people mistakenly believe that is it only from red meat that we can get the complete proteins needed for healthy muscle growth. OVERMEAT is a curated celebration of the amazing sustainable alternative protein sources available.

Reasons to Reduce...

If you would like to learn more about why reducing the quantity of meat in your diet is a great idea, you can learn more here.