Reasons to Reduce

Save Money

Good quality meat is expensive. With some clever tricks and a little knowledge you can make sure many of your favourite curries, soups and chilies are tasty and healthy, providing you with all the protein you need with out the added expense of meat.

Some protein powders and supplements may be more costly, but they are only one option, it's perfectly possible to build nutrient rich and satisfying menus with-out them.

Save your health

Of course our body needs plenty of protein to support healthy muscle growth, but due to the modern ease and availability many people are consuming far more meat then our ancestors did and our bodies need. It is certainly not necessary to eat meat everyday, no matter what activity you get up to. A lot of it depends on what your physical heritage is, but consuming to much protein can cause stress on your kidneys, dehydration, and leaching of important bone minerals.

Added to this a new report by the FDA shows 80% of antibiotics are consumed by agricultural animals, there is a rising amount of worrying research showing the multiple damaging results this is causing.

Save the planet

Just 10,000 years ago there might have been no more than a few million people on the planet. The one billion mark was not passed until the early 1800s; the two billion mark not until the 1920s. Now the world's population is over 7.3 billion, with, get ready, 24.3 billion agricultural animals. These numbers are increasing everyday. Most are raised in industrial farms like the one photographed below, their waste causing huge sores of drug laden swamps to blossom.

Here at OVERMEAT we are not demanding everyone instantly cuts out all meat instantly, but please, please reduce as much as you can, enjoy high quality sustainably sourced meat for a special treat for example, we guarantee it will taste all the more delicous for the wait!